U.S.S. is well renowned for being the market leader in event security worldwide. Ensuring security and safety for all aspects of our client’s events, from small promotions and public appearances, to large-scale concerts, fashion shows, charity functions, and corporate events.

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A company's efforts to insure the process of due diligence is becoming more and more complex as the world of business inherently becomes more complicated. Nothing can be more imperative to a security program than precise evaluation and management of safety precautions, fiscal irregularities and personnel issues.

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In today’s society, business as usual will no longer suffice in the world of Executive Protection. The responsibilities of professional agents are now more than just security providers. Agents must be equipped to provide a wide array of services, which are specifically designed to the individual clients needs.

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Veterans Welcomed
USS is a strong supporter of US Military Veterans. Over 70% of our staff are US armed service veterans.

Our company leaders set the mark in the industry with over 50 years of combined law enforcement and private security experience. This experience provides us with a definitive edge.

We understand that every client has dramatically different needs based on multiple factors, including: locations, activities, languages, religions, and cultures. We have considered these necessities and created a business infrastructure that allows us to accomplish this goal in a way that other companies seldom recognize. Maintaining this knowledge allows us to operate throughout the United States, with a strong footprint throughout Latin America, Asia and Europe.

Protection You can count on
Commmon Questions clients ask about security services.

Q: What is a Professional Private Security Company?
A: A Professional Private Security Company, such as Unlimited Security Specialists, is a company that is licensed by the state of California to provide various security related services to private citizens and businesses for a mutually agreed upon fee. Such a company also must maintain proper insurance and it’s employees are licensed in their respective areas of expertise.

Q: How does a Professional Private Security Company differ from my local Police Department?
A: Well for starters, unlike your local Police Department, who may get to your case tomorrow, the week after next or never, a Private Security Company works directly for the client. This means that the Agent(s) working on your issue(s) are dedicated to your case only and they do not have other work concerns pulling their attention to other matters. This direct and dedicated approach oftentimes aides in the client’s issues being solved in a more expedient manner.

Q: How do I know if I need to consult a Professional Private Security Company?
A: If you are having or anticipate having any problems where either yourself, your family members or your employees are being threatened with physical danger or your property or any other assets come under direct or indirect threat, you may need to contact a professional private security company and ask to have a “Security Threat Assessment” initiated.

Q: What is a Security Threat Assessment?
A: A Security Threat Assessment is a report that professional security companies should undertake to investigate the issues that the client is facing or may be facing in the future. The report lists all of the pertinent information involving the current matter and shows vulnerabilities and potential problem areas that need to be corrected in order to solve the current issue and prevent future ones as well.

Q: If I have a problem, why can’t I just hire a big bodyguard? He’ll do the job right?
A: In the most general meaning, “bodyguard” is a generic term that the world came up with decades ago to describe someone who protects another person from physical danger. Times have changed; no longer is it acceptable to hire some Cro-Magnon with a very limited skill set and whose only redeeming quality is “looking mean”. In today’s face paced world of multi level threats, Internet crimes, kidnappings and identity theft, security has become a thinking man’s game. True professionals seek continuing education and training in their craft in an attempt to maintain the highest level of standards.

Q: Well, if I shouldn’t hire a random bodyguard to take care of my security needs, then whom should I consider?
A: We at USS believe that a company that employs Personal Security Specialists (PSS) is the way to go. A PSS agent is a person who is licensed by the state of California through the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS). These basic licenses allow the agent to work as a guard and to carry an exposed firearm in the scope of their employment. But it shouldn’t end there; ask if the agents that will be assigned to you are thoroughly trained to handle your type of security needs. Ask about the agent’s medical training and is this training current? Are their agents certified in CPR and the use of an AED? Are their agents certified to carry concealed weapons and if they are, when was the last time they qualified with their weapon or received training with their weapon? Have the agents gone through any formal PSS training like a high-risk dignitary protection course or a defensive driving course? This may seem like a lot of information to ask a security company to provide but we at USS believe that our clients should know what they are getting upfront.

Q: What type of credentials and backgrounds do YOUR Personal Security Specialists (PSS) have?
A: As we stated earlier, all of our PSS members are licensed by BSIS as guards and are certified to carry firearms. In addition, most, if not all have current California concealed firearms permits and many have nationwide concealed weapons permits. Our employees have a wide variety of backgrounds and most have served and continue to serve our country as members of the military, members of our local police departments or both! Our ranks consist of members of the most elite security experts on the planet, from Army Special Forces, Navy SEALS, U.S. State Department, California Department of Justice, Police/Sheriff SWAT and U.S. Government Security Contractors, just to name a few.

Recent News

USS team in action at LAX with "One Direction (1D)" from the United Kingdom.

Over-zealous fan climbed over the barrier rails. Our agent responded quickly by grabbing the female fan just as she was about to climb on to the stage.

In Bogota, Columbia USS investigators completed a recent case locating a young man that left his State-side home in which he was lead to Bogota under false pretenses. After locating the young man, USS reported his whereabouts to his family. We kept a surveillance of the subject until his father arrived in Bogota and took his son home.